The Equalizer Season 5 Release, Cast & Everything We Know (2024)

With The Equalizer Season 4 coming to a close on CBS, fans are wondering when they might be able to expect Season 5 release.

The show, which is based on the 1980s series of the same name, follows Queen Latifah’s Robyn McCall, a self-appointed guardian angel for those who can not defend themselves. Needless to say, her vigilantism gets both her and her team into some pretty sticky situations throughout the run of the show.

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When Will the Equalizer Season 5 Release?

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Thankfully, fans do not need to wait to see what the fate of the series will be, as Season 5 has already been confirmed for release by CBS.

As of writing, the amount of episodes in Season 5 has not been locked in (at least publicly). Seasons 1 and 4 were ten episodes, while 2 and 3 were 18.

Product List lists Season 5 production as taking place in July, though those listings can be hit or miss.

As for an actual release date, Seasons 2 and 3 of the series were released in October 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Season 4 was likely going to continue that pattern, but instead, it landed in February 2024 due to the delays caused by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

While it is likely Season 5 will drop a year from the end of Season 4, in Spring 2025, there is a chance it could come back as early as this Fall.

After all, previous seasons ended in May and were able to come back before the year was over.

Who’s Cast in the Equalizer Season 5?

Queen Latifah - Robyn McCall

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Only one person is properly confirmed to participate in The Equalizer Season 5: Queen Latifah’s Robyn McCall, otherwise known as The Equalizer.'

It would undoubtedly be a strange move for CBS to move forward with its show and not have the leading protagonist.

On top of The Equalizer, these are the characters who are also expected to return:

  • Lorraine Toussaint - Viola “Aunt Vi” Marsett
  • Tory Kittles - Marcus Dante
  • Adam Goldberg - Harry Keshegian
  • Liza Lapira - Melody “Mel” Bayani
  • Laya DeLeon Hayes - Delilah

Tory Kittles - Marcus Dante

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Marcus Dante, played by Tory Kittles, is an officer with the New York Police Department who was initially working as hard as he could to catch Robyn. Needless to say, he wasn’t a fan of her vigilantism.

However, throughout the show, the two have become close allies and even potential romantic partners.

Marcus Dante was in quite the spot when the Season 4 finale ended. He had been strong-armed into taking a position as part of a Federal Task Force in California, forcing him away from The Equalizer.

Despite that, however, in an interview with Screen Rant, Tory Kittles seemed to suggest that his character would be returning for Season 5.

Adam Goldberg - Harry Keshegian

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Adam Goldberg plays Harry Keshegian, the enigmatic hacker who works hard to uphold his ethical beliefs. He’s married to his teammate Melody Bayani.

As Season 4 wrapped up, Harry had to shut down the new AI system he had created, called M.E.L, and named after his wife.

Goldberg can also be seen in God Friended Me, Taken, and Once Upon a Time in Venice.

Liza Lapira - Melody “Mel” Bayani

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Liza Lapira’s Melody “Mel” Bayani is one of the most intelligent members of Team Equalizer who also happens to have uncanny sniping abilities. She’s known Robyn for quite some time, with their history going back to their time in the military.

Lapira also runs a bar, which doubles as the team’s secret base.

Mel made a big choice in the Season 4 finale that saw her realizing how she needed to focus on healing and processing her PTSD. This led to her deciding to stop helping The Equalizer so that she could do just that.

Some fans might recognize her from the original Fast & Furious film, but she can also be heard as the new voice in Pixar’s upcoming Inside Out 2.

Lorraine Toussaint - Viola “Aunt Vi” Marsett

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Viola Marsett, also known as Aunt Vi, is played by Lorraine Toussaint and is Robyn McCall’s aunt who helps care for her niece’s daughter, Delilah. On top of her guardian duties, she’s also a very skilled painter.

Marsett has also worked on other projects, including Big City Greens, Nimona, and Your Honor.

Laya DeLeon Hayes - Delilah

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Laya DeLeon Hayes played Delilah, Robyn McCall’s daughter. While the relationship between Delilah and her mother can be strained at times, she always has Aunt Vi to lean on.

Hayes also starred in The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster and played Angrboda in God of War Ragnarok.

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What Will Happen in The Equalizer Season 5?

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Some huge shifts in status quo went down by the time Season 4 wrapped up, which could lead to a very different Season 5.

For one, two Equalizer teammates may not be part of the team any longer: both Mel and Marcus Dante. While Mel chose to work on healing from her PTSD over continuing her role in the team, Marcus was strong-armed into taking a new position in California.

Despite that, fans should still expect to see the character appear next season. The actor recently spoke to Screen Rant, where he revealed that he hopes the new season will "finally confront Dante’s truth serum confession" and finally figure out "what’s going to happen with McCall and Dante."

With all that in mind, it would make a lot of sense if Season 5 would start following a big-time jump, giving many characters completely fresh places to start from. This could also mean that Mel won’t be missing for any notable time either.

Perhaps Harry could even find a new purpose offscreen after having to shut down his AI project.

The Equalizer is streaming on Paramount+.

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The Equalizer Season 5 Release, Cast & Everything We Know (2024)
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