Guide - Skyblock Dyes - The Complete Walkthrough (WIP) (2024)

- Basic Informations
The Carmine dye is a 1/20,000,000 drop from three different Lava Sea Creatures :
Flaming Worm (Unlocked at Fishing Skill level 19)
Lava Pigman (Unlocked at Fishing Skill level 20)
Lava Blaze (Unlocked at Fishing Skill level 22)
It's a Magic Find drop, which means it's affected by Magic Find and the Looting enchantment of the weapon you kill thoses mobs with.
You can farm this Dye in 2 places : The
Magma Fields and The Precursor Remnants, both places in the Crystal Hollows.

- How to farm it
To farm this dye you will need to look for 2 special locations :

- Lava pools in the Precursor Remnants, not under Y=64 for Flaming Worms (press F3 to see your coordinates)

Guide - Skyblock Dyes - The Complete Walkthrough (WIP) (1)

Fish on the same Y as the lava pool and stack Flaming Worms together behind you until it hits mobcap (~60 Flaming Worms)

- Any lava pool in the Magma Fields for Lava Pigmans and Lava Blazes

Guide - Skyblock Dyes - The Complete Walkthrough (WIP) (2)

The best possible setup to farm them efficiently is the next :

Guide - Skyblock Dyes - The Complete Walkthrough (WIP) (3)

Just cast in the lava and make the suffocation magic bring them up

Guide - Skyblock Dyes - The Complete Walkthrough (WIP) (4)

In the Crystal Hollows, tunnels are always the same, but the structures change places, you'll be able to find this spot at thoses coordinates XYZ :

772 / 64 / 785
This spot makes it so you don't gain Heat.

- Setup
Farming this dye requires different things, I'll do Budget setup to I-Have-Money-To-Spend setup.

Armor :
Lava Sea Creature Armor set (Require Fishing Skill level 27) - Shark Armor Set (Require Fishing Skill level 24) / Thunder Armor Set (Require Fishing Skill level 36) - Magma Lord Armor set (Require Fishing Skill level 45)
Armor Attributes (Lava Fishing Armors) : Any/Any - Blazing Fortune/Any - Blazing Fortune/Magic Find (Requires T5 Kuudra Completion)
If your armor doesn't give you +5 Magic Find (so either Blazing Fortune 5, or Magic find 10, or a mix of thoses 2 attributes at different levels) Please use a Sorrow Armor to kill your mobs.
Armor Enchantments : Doesn't really matter unless you are fishing with friend so using the Ultimate Enchantment Legion is a plus.

Armor Reforge: Any - Festive (Frozen Baulbe Reforge Stone) - Submerged (Deep Sea Orb Reforge Stone) or Renowned (Dragon Horn Reforge Stone) (if your armor gives you enough Fishing Speed / Sea Creature Chance)

Killing Weapon :
Daedalus Axe.
Chimera 5, Divine Gift 3, Looting 5

Rod :
Magma Rod (Require Fishing Skill level 27) - Inferno Rod (Require Fishing Skill level 30) - Hellfire Rod (Require Fishing Skill level 35)
Rod Attributes :
Any/Any - Fishing Speed/Any - Double Hook/Any - Double Hook/Fishing Speed

Rod Enchantments: All T6 - Piscary 6/ Blessing 6
Rod Reforge: Just use Pitchin' from Pitchin' Koi reforge stone

Baits :
For Flaming Worms: Worm Baits
For the others: Fish Baits

Equipments :
Any fishing Related equipment like the Ichthyic / Finwave / GillSplash with Thunderbolt Necklace (Blazing Fortune 7 attribut or use Rift Necklace) to spawn mobs, you can also use Magma Lord Gauntlet to get the +10 Magic Find boost of the full set bonus.
If you have Magic Find equipments, swap to them for killing mobs (T5 Kuudra Completion requirement)
Fishing Equipment Reforge: Snowy (Terry's Snowglobe Reforge Stone)

Pets :
Ammonite (MANDATORY because you're fishing under blocks so Fishing Speed is reduced)
Magic Find pet to kill mobs : Black Cat - Golden Dragon

Please don't forget that max Fishing Speed in Crystal Hollows is 300, not 350.

- Money Making Method
Now let me tell you about the rates of both the farming methods, with Flaming Worms and with Lava Blazes/Lava Pigmans.
For one hour of doing Flaming Worms, I killed 1,188 Flaming Worms (the rates should be around +-30) and I made 27 million coins from mob kills and with 513 Worm Membranes (sell offer price for the 06/06/2024: 53,013 coins/u)

For one hour of doing Lava Blazes/Lava Pigmans, I killed around 400 Lava Pigmans and 400 Lava Blazes and I made 55 millions coins from mob kills and with 22 Magma Cores (Sell Offer price for the 06/04/2024: 2.425 millions coins/u)

- Tips And Tricks
Check the new drop rate of the Carmine Dye by checking your max Magic Find and adding the Bestiary bonus to it (+45 Magic Find). Now add thoses values in the Hypixel Loot Calculator (here for the Flaming Worm).

Pet Rules:
When throwing fishing hook => Summon Ammonite
When you Equip your Wardrobe Slot (Corresponding to your Sorrow Armor for exemple) => Summon BlackCat/Golden Dragon
Or if you don't swap your armor, When Killing a Sea Creature => Summon BlackCat/Golden Dragon

Useful Mods to use:
Skyhanni for Mob cap alert and Fishing profit tracker. I didn't need more.
NEU for /neucustomize, which I used to make my fishing armors looks the same color as the dye I was farming (#960018)

Guide - Skyblock Dyes - The Complete Walkthrough (WIP) (2024)
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